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AWS membership is open to those interested in the practice of creative fine art and is limited to 125 active members.


Come as a guest to one of our monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month @ 12:00, and see if you'd like to join our talented and lively group. The guest fee is $5, which includes a potluck luncheon at noon -- and that $5 can be applied to the $40 yearly membership if you decide to join.  (Dues are $40 for the full year.)

To be an active member in good standing you must:

1.) Attend 6 meetings each calendar year. (Exceptions can be made for illness, or very special circumstances, as approved by the board.)


2.) Bring 4 works of art a year to any meeting for critique or display.


3.) Bring refreshments to the meeting a minimum of 3 times a year.  


Participation in the Apple Blossom Show has additional requirements.  


Come to a meeting and find out more!


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