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Recommended Art Videos

During the many months of Covid that AWS met via Zoom, suggested prompts and YouTube videos were sent to members for inspiration. Here are many to choose from, along with some other suggestions submitted by members.


First is a special video that was made for AWS featuring Sebastopol, CA pastel artist James Reynolds.










These videos were chosen by our VP Jerry Fabiano, AWS Vice President during our months of Zoom meetings:

Watercolor demo of human figures in a casual, busy street scene (15-minutes) by Gary Tucker: 


“How to Paint a Dramatic Seascape in 5 Easy Steps" - an excellent 20-minute seascape demo done in oils by artist Sam Earp. v=3CJojNcuB38& - 10-minute video featuring Australian artist Ken Knight painting a large, loose plein air oil of a scene very reminiscent of Sonoma county landscapes. He discusses it further in the studio and it’s shown again, completed. 

Chris Hong demonstrating and explaining decisions she made in her watercolor Portrait process, 6 minutes longs: - 22-minute pastel demo of a Winter snow scene.

Abstraction: How to understand Cubist paintings and paint like Pablo Picasso (33 minutes)


The Making of an Abstract Painting - A Bold Contemporary Painting Demo by Karen Hale (under 5 minutes) 


Abstract Landscape Acrylic Painting Demo with Rinske Douna (7+ minutes)

These two links will give you some ideas to get started painting Nighttime scenes. Rain in London, oil - 17 mins. & Painting the City at Night, acrylic - 15 mins.  

Plein Air (on location) painting: - A barn scene in oil paint. - Field of mustard. Oil paint using paper towel technique. - A city scene in watercolor, complete with ambient noise. 

“Brass and Glass” (painting shiny objects) - Painting a clear mason jar (32 mins) - Painting a silvery tea pot, etc. (12 mins) - Painting a brass bugle (16 mins) - Painting a brass jar (27 mins)

A Danish winter landscape -
Includes animals -
Pleasant calming colors -
No verbal instruction; just watch the process of something quite beautiful develop - -
Mono-chromatic in nature -
Space distribution, texture and subject tension - 

Light and Shadow:
Ten Minutes to Better Painting - good review, clearly demonstrated by Marco Bucci. (10+ mins.)

Step-by-step landscape with how-to instruction by Samuel Earp. (24 mins.)
Good visual experience of how to address light and shadow with pastels by Marla Baggetta. (39 mins.)
How to Paint Natural and Believable Shadows by Karen Margulis (what takes place within shadows) cd4zPz01qG8 (16 mins.) 


Suggestions by AWS member Marilee Wingert

This is the first of many comprehensive episodes about color theory.


Australian watercolor artist Louise de Masi demonstrates how to paint water.  She has an extensive library of tutorials online - both free and through Patreon for $6.00 per month.  Her teaching style is clear and thorough.


This calm Canadian watercolor artist paints creative doodles, whimsical subjects, and bold colors.  Here are just two of her many online tutorials.

Suggestions by AWS member Merrie Krisl

You can find almost any artist you search for on YouTube. Here are two of my favorites:

Ian Roberts, Mastering Composition. He works in oils, but he has many good and often philosophical videos.

Another oil painter is Brian Rutenberg based in NYC. Again, often philosophical. If you like to keep a fairly neat studio you will be appalled by his!

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